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Why does modern Lead Generation require a different approach?

Buyer behavior has changed.

Lead Generation used to be simple. Marketers created and launched outbound campaigns and waited for the leads to roll in. However, as the volume of information has exploded, prospective customers can easily get most of the information they need without ever contacting you…even pricing.

Self-Service “Pricing” is the new content King.

When you’re focused on finding and closing deals, you need the right “bait” to compel serious buyers to take action on your website. Typical calls-to-action like whitepapers and webinars are weak and ineffective. Pricing, according to MECLABs, is the content King because it appeals to early-stage buyers.

What B2B Buyers really want from a website:

Budgetary Pricing
Product Information

(Study of 1,000 B2B Buyers courtesy of MECLABS and Enquiro)

Our Story

LeadLifter was founded in 2010 by Dale Underwood. Mr. Underwood had previously co-founded several successful Information Technology companies including Marzik Inc., an Enterprise IT reseller. During his time at Marzik, Mr. Underwood recognized how the self-service nature of the internet was disrupting IT procurement. Customers were relying on the internet for more and more technical information while only contacting a reseller at the time of purchase, negatively affecting profit margins.

With sales margins dropping, Mr. Underwood sold his share in Marzik and started LeadLifter to address two very important voids in the B2B sales market:

  1. B2B buyers ignore most website calls-to-action and resort to self-service research, avoiding sales contact
  2. Most companies produce a negligible ROI from their online marketing efforts (an average of 4% conversion rate), missing valuable opportunities

EchoQuote – Converts website traffic into early-stage, high-quality leads

Our Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) product, EchoQuote, was developed specifically to capture more high-quality leads from a company’s website using a potential customer’s curiosity about budgetary pricing. Since most B2B vendors do not want to disclose pricing on their websites (nor should they), they were losing many of their website visitors. EchoQuote gives a website visitor an option to easily request pricing while keeping the vendor’s sales team in control.

  • EchoQuote is the best sales conversation starter I've seen in the last 20 years of business. The value is amazing!

    K. Roller
    K. Roller VP Marketing
  • Price is the most specific piece of information customers use to understand the nature of an offering...we have miles of videotape of users asking "Where's the price?" while tearing their hair out.

    J. Nielsen
    J. Nielsen Principal, Nielsen Norman Group
  • Want more sales qualified leads and don’t want to spend a ton of money, resources or time doing it? EchoQuote is the answer!

    S. Worthington
    S. Worthington VP Marketing
  • EchoQuote helps us convert a larger percentage of casual web site visitors into solid sales leads.

    N. Ekker
    N. Ekker VP Marketing, Texas Memory
  • I’ve never seen a sales team more excited about a lead generation program. It really works!

    K. Morris
    K. Morris VP Demand Generation
  • For me, the biggest benefit of EchoQuote is the ability to be the first one in the door.

    J. Klemme
    J. Klemme President, KL Security
  • We’re successfully engaging close to 50% of the EchoQuote leads that come in…we’ve been nothing but happy with it.

    J. Turnbull
    J. Turnbull President, Thunderstone Software

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