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Lead Conversion Case Study


Douglas Machines Corp. ( offers a full line of commercial and industrial washers for all containers commonly used in the bakery, meat, poultry, food processing, packaging and distribution industries.

More than 80 standard commercial and industrial washing machines exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans, trays, totes, moulds, scale parts, screens, pallets, lugs, racks, barrels, smoke trucks, bins, vats, barrels and buckets.

Project Profile

  • Industry: Industrial Machinery
  • Client’s Products: Commercial Washing Equipment (complex)
  • Client’s Product Price Range: $10,000 to $1,000,000+
  • Sales Model: Direct Sales Reps and Dealers
  • Campaign Setup Time: Two (2) Days

Douglas Machines’ website was getting good traffic flow (> 1,000 visitors per month) but visitors were not contacting sales using the standard web form.


EchoQuote was added to the website as a “Self-Service Pricing” call-to-action. The product catalog was setup in about a day and the system went live in 24 hours. The Self-Service Pricing option was immediately effective and began driving high-quality visitors into the sales funnel.

Implementation Video
in Marketing Qualified Leads

Within the first month of implementation, Douglas Machines saw a 500% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads using EchoQuote in addition to its standard Contact Us form. The quality and number of sales qualified leads increased while the number of invalid and/or “junk” lead form submissions decreased.

Average Monthly Leads
$ 0 Million
Monthly Sales Funnel
$ 0
Average Monthly Cost
  • EchoQuote is like a Gold pan for our website. It was easy to set up, takes no time to manage and simply produces high-quality leads day in and day out.

    Kevin Lemen
    Kevin Lemen Douglas Machines / VP Sales and Marketing

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