What is EchoQuote™?

EchoQuote is a lead capturing tool designed as a self-service quote tool. You add it to your website and it helps engage new customers. It also alerts you that existing customers may be interested in buying additional products or services.

How much does EchoQuote™ cost?

EchoQuote™ is a pay-for-performance marketing system; if we don’t get results, you don’t pay. We charge a flat rate for each captured lead depending on your industry and average sale price. Our cost is typically one-tenth (1/10) the cost you would normally pay for the quality of lead we generate. See the Pricing page for details.

What if we don’t want to publish our pricing on our website?

We would agree with you – pricing is too valuable to just “give away”; that’s why EchoQuote™ protects it and why pricing is never displayed on any EchoQuote™ screens. Budgetary pricing is only delivered by email with your approval (usually after your sales team has researched the requester).

Our products are complex. Will EchoQuote™ work for us?

Absolutely. Most of our clients sell complex (i.e., custom) products and services that require working with a direct sales representative or knowledgeable channel partner. Our goal is to start a sales conversation with a new prospect so your sales team can work out the detailed solution.

How can we keep our competitors from getting our pricing?

With EchoQuote™, you are always in control. Prices are delivered by email only and are never displayed on any EchoQuote™ screens. You can also require that each quote request must be reviewed and approved by the sales/marketing department before it will be sent. Plus, we have a way to eliminate anonymous and competitive email addresses from requesting quotes.

How do we implement EchoQuote™?

EchoQuote™ is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform available via the internet that you “connect” to your website or blog. There’s no software to purchase, install or maintain. Once registered, you simply add your products/services to the catalog, customize your text and copy/paste one line of simple code to your website. Leads will start appearing in your email inbox immediately.

I’m busy, is EchoQuote™ hard to install?

Most clients can get their EchoQuote™ service up and running in less than one hour. You simply register, add a couple of your products/services and then copy a small piece of embed code to your website to add a “Pricing” button (we can help with that) and you’re done!

Who uses EchoQuote™?

EchoQuote™ is designed to work for many different companies in different industries. It works for both B2B and B2C companies who:

  • want to immediately capture high-quality leads from their website
  • do not want to give away or publish their pricing
  • sell complex and often expensive products or services
  • need to have a one-on-one customer conversation to make a sale

We already have a ‘Contact Us/Request a Quote’ form on our website, what’s special about EchoQuote™?

Everyone, including your competition, has a Contact Us/Request a Quote form on their website. Visitors know that request forms usually lead to a sales person calling which is not what they want. EchoQuote™ is different because visitors TRUST a third party tool more. On average, you will convert 3-5 times more leads than your standard form.

Does EchoQuote™ generate new leads?

Absolutely. EchoQuote™ not only captures more leads from your website, but it also generates a high-ranking custom landing page with your product and/or service descriptions (no pricing of course). The landing page contains a direct link to EchoQuote™ so you’ll capture new potential customers.

We don't want visitors using personal email addresses to request budgetary quotes.

You can restrict anonymous (and competitor) email addresses from requesting budgetary quotes by creating a list of “blocked domains”. If visitors use one of these blocked domains (i.e. yahoo, gmail, aol, etc.), EchoQuote™ will prevent them from proceeding but will still capture their email address for no charge.

We have resellers/dealers that set their own pricing.

Companies with multiple sales channels are perfect for EchoQuote™. Since we are only providing a budgetary Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) it actually helps channel partners because the customer can see that they are getting a good deal. You can also enable the “price range” feature if you don’t want to show a specific price. Resellers and/or dealers will appreciate the additional leads generated much more than the myth that budgetary pricing will hurt their business.

I don’t have time to explore a new tool.

Do you have 20 minutes and a blog? That’s all it takes to try out EchoQuote™. Isn’t it worth 20 minutes if it could instantly increase your sales leads?  We understand you’re busy, that’s why we offer a free trial that guarantees you will generate new leads before you ever spend a dime.

What if we decide EchoQuote™ isn’t right for us, is it hard to uninstall?

The only thing easier than installing EchoQuote™, is uninstalling it. All you have to do to remove EchoQuote™ from your website is remove the links to EchoQuote™ and deactivate your portal screen. That’s it! You’re in complete control – you don’t even have to call us.

How does EchoQuote™ increase sales ready leads?

EchoQuote™ addresses one of the toughest issues faced by B2B companies – capturing sales ready leads. Since serious prospects want and need budgetary pricing early in the sales cycle, companies can use that need to their advantage. By adding EchoQuote™ as another call-to-action, a company can provide a mechanism for serious prospects to request budgetary pricing while capturing their contact information for the sales team.

When will we see results?

Most clients see results immediately; usually the same day as the links are added to the client’s site. Of course, success depends on the amount of web traffic coming to the site and the placement of the links pointing to the EchoQuote™ Self-Service Pricing portal.

What information do you capture about the prospects?

When a prospect requests a quote you can specify what information to collect. Use standard fields like email, name, company and phone number or create your own custom fields. We also incorporate statistics (company size, # of employees, HQ location) as well as the requester’s location information based on their IP address (country, region, city).

How will we measure the success of EchoQuote™?

Success can be measured in several ways. The first is the pure number and quality of inbound leads “converted”. Second, since the value of a lead is based on the budgetary price of an actual product or service, rough guesses about marketing’s impact will be a thing of the past. Third, the response of the sales team is probably the best measure; prepare to get a lot of kudos.

How do we get started with EchoQuote™?

The first step is to try our Pricing/Demo option which will give you an idea of how EchoQuote™ might look and work for you.

You can also contact us directly if you have any additional questions or would like to see a custom presentation and demo.

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