EchoQuote for Sales

Build Pipeline Faster and Sell More

Are you losing business because customers expect a faster response to their pricing questions?


Use EchoQuote and respond lightning fast giving you the inside track to win the deal at higher margins.


Don’t lose customers fumbling with spreadsheets, capture more business with EchoQuote!

EchoQuote is a B2B Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

Easy Setup and Launch

Why spend hours fumbling with spreadsheets and complicated tools that slow you down? EchoQuote is easy to use and gets results!

Customers Love Fast Response

EchoQuote enables you to quickly respond to a customer pricing request; often while they are still on the phone. Act fast, sell more!

Clear Sales ROI

Sales ROI is measured by revenue, not charts. EchoQuote helps you qualify prospects faster, fulfill customer requests quickly and sell more.

Frequently Asked Questions

“We’re B2B. What if we don’t want to publish our pricing?”

We would agree 100%. EchoQuote never displays or sends pricing without your approval – you stay in total control. There are also numerous ways to restrict who can request a quote (block countries or email domains).

“Our products are complex. Will it work for us?”

Absolutely. Most of our clients are B2B and sell complex/custom products and services. EchoQuote is built to handle budgetary requests, not final pricing and is used to open the door to a sales conversation.

“We already have a Request a Quote/Contact Us form.”

Everyone, including your competition, has a Request a Quote/Contact Us form on their website but they rarely work. Visitors trust third party tools like EchoQuote™ resulting in more leads for your sales team.

  • We’re successfully engaging close to 50% of the EchoQuote leads that come in…we’ve been nothing but happy with it.

    J. Turnbull
    J. Turnbull President, Thunderstone Software

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